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My Faith

I was raised Roman Catholic, from the age of 13 I started to question my faith. How could the Church ask for our money and still own some of the greatest art works of the world. Sell the art and feed the poor and disadvantaged. No one could give me a decent answer, so I fell out of the faith. Many years later I met my second wife, she and her brother took me their church,Life Pointe Church. I was amazed by how welcome I felt. Everyone was so friendly, so I stayed around for the service,this was the way church was supposed to feel,or so my grand-mother told me. Now 6 years later I tell everyone who will listen that they should come to “MY CHURCH”, the LPC.

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The Cat Chronicles Part 2

Well here we are a few years after Judge has passed on and again i find myself looking at a pretty sad member of the cat family. She’s in a box at the local Publix, she was black and white, there a other cats in the box but i take her, i don’t think anyone else would have, i might be wrong. I get her home and my dad asked me where i found this pathetic creature,i tell him, he agrees to let me keep her convinced she’s not going to make it,Wrong. She not only survives but thrives, so now I have to name her,I read a lot of Doonsberry in those days so i named her J.J. She was very dedicated to me, I had a meal,she had to eat also,I went outside she went to. She followed me everywhere. Then one night, after about 4 years, she came home with a friend, the biggest black cat i had seen in my life,about 18 lbs. 6 toes on each foot and the personality of a kitten, he just strolls by me like he belongs, i kept him too and named him Zeke (look for “SUCKER” printed above my eyes). Every week some part of him didn’t make it home, a bit of fur,the tip of an ear, you get the point. The 3 of us lived the good life for another 8 years until he developed a liver problem. I took him to the vet and we thought we had it beat, but 2 weeks later Zeke climbed into bed with me,laid down on my chest and passed away. J.J. and I were devastated, I cried she wandered around looking for him. She lasted another 2 months and, I think, died of loneliness. I didn’ t get another cat for 8 years.

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The Cat Chronicles part 1

My first cat was named Judge, from Laught-In, he was a barn cat and about 8 weeks old. At first he was the saddest looking cat you ever saw, he had a cold, worms,looked like he lost a fight with a mower. The vet wanted to put him to sleep, i was  heartbroken, but my mom wouldn’t let him, she had faith in this cat.She was right he grew into the best friend and playmate I had ever had up to that point. He lived 19 years(so there Mr. vet) and passed quietly in his sleep, I like to think he was chasing a bird at the end. I miss him.   

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Welcome to my world, strange as you may find it. Please forgive any mistakes I make it’s my first time. AND AWAY WE GO!!!